Sometimes everything falls into place: 2020 saw the award of the first Golden Calf for Costume Design (Alette Kraan, Mi Vida), and now in 2021, we welcome none other than Madeline Fontaine, a great professional with a list of credits featuring names such as Yves Saint Laurent, Amélie and Jackie. She has been nominated for an Oscar, and has won a BAFTA and six Césars.

Now best known for the chic outfits she has created for stylish and fashionable films, she started her career working on costume dramas, and even designed for a live-action Asterix and Obelix movie. Fontaine has a close working relationship with director Jean-Pierre Jeunet of Amélie and a special bond with actress Audrey Tautou. To date, Fontaine and Jeunet have joined forces five times.

During this NFF Prof Talk, Fontaine will talk about the way she uses her drive and professionalism to come up with a stunning design every time. How was the fabric chosen for Jackie Kennedy’s famous pink suit? How much freedom do you have when you convert the work of master designer Yves Saint Laurent into film costumes? What actually makes a design successful, and how do you collaborate with other creatives such as the production designer and hair and make-up artist?

We will also touch on Fontaine’s presidency of the French association AFCCA (Association Française des Costumiers du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel), in which she works tirelessly to take her profession to the next level.

Language: English

This programme is in collaboration with the association for Art, Costume & Make-up/Hair design (ACM).

NFF Prof Talk: Madeline Fontaine
1 hour, 42 minutes
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