Nineties kids, get ready for a nostalgic journey to the great music of your favourite action animation series of the era. The guest is composer and Emmy winner Lolita Ritmanis. Before turning to composing, she orchestrated over 100 films, miniseries and television shows, including Lethal Weapon 4, X-Files Movie and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. After graduating from the Dick Grove School of Music, where she specialised in film music, Ritmanis founded Dynamic Music Partners with colleagues Michael McCuistion and Kristopher Carter, with whom she still works.

Attending the Prof Talk online, Ritmanis will guide us through her work as a composer for action animation series such as Justice League, Batman Beyond, Teen Titans, Ben 10 and Batman: The Animated Series. She will also talk about other highlights of her career: the original score for the Hallmark film CHRISTMAS IN ROME, the documentary Wild Daze (starring Jane Goodall) and the music for the gender parity series Flip the Script (starring Lake Bell).

During this Prof Talk, Ritmanis will discuss the difference in composing for animation and live action, the contrast in her approach when creating music for an episode of a series compared to a feature film, and how music mustn’t be allowed to upstage action.

Lolita Ritmanis is a founding member of the Alliance for Women Film Composers, which strives to support and celebrate the work of women composers through advocacy and education.

You can watch this programme:
- Online with your My NFF account, wherever you are. The stream will start 15 minutes prior to the event.
- At Stadsschouwburg Utrecht.
Through an interactive livestream at Kinepolis Jaarbeurs Utrecht. This gives you the impression of being in a cinema and it’s possible to send your direct questions in the Q&A app. Your questions will then be answered on the livestream.
Disclaimer: you can’t watch this livestream back.
Language: English

This programme is produced in collaboration with Buma.

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