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20220923 - Nederlands Filmfestival -SSBU - NFF FILMFONDS FOCUS- BEWEGEND BEELD  -  FOTO- Almicheal Fraay-2.JPG

NFF Prof Talk: Filmfonds Focus - Bewegend Beeld

Where does the Dutch film world stand?

In a rapidly changing international AV environment with new challenges constantly arising, where does the Dutch film world stand? Where do we see opportunities for us to distinguish ourselves, and what inspiration can we draw from the countries around us? What role should the Netherlands Film Fund play? These are the topics we’ll be exploring in this inspiration session with Dutch and international guests.

- Adil El Arbi – regisseur (Rebel 2022, Bad Boys for Life 2020)
- Ninja Thyberg – regisseur (Pleasure 2021)
- Neil Watson – researcher Olsberg SPI
- Cesar Majorana – presentator
- Bero Beyer – directeur Nederlands Filmfonds

Date: Friday 23 september 2022
Time: 11:30 - 13:00
Location: Stadsschouwburg - Grote Zaal
Language: Dutch/English

In collaboration with the Netherlands Film Fund.

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