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Despite the progress made in recent years, work is still needed to increase inclusivity in the AV sector. NFF om Tafel: Speaking of Colour will therefore continue the discussion on this crucial topic. What are the thorniest issues? What can we do and what should we be avoiding?

KLEUR has launched a powerful movement. Thanks to the organisation’s lobbying, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has carried out in-depth research on diversity and the inclusion of people of colour in the Dutch film and TV sector, in cooperation with DAFF and the Netherlands Film Fund. The results lay bare the sensitivities within the sector in great detail. The insights are painful, but they also provide an impulse to put the issue on the agenda.

British casting director Heather Basten will first guide us through the world of colour-conscious casting. In a panel discussion, we will then explore issues such as narrative perspective, tokenism, inclusivity behind the camera, and what needs to change. We will also reflect on excerpts from the series Over Kleur Gesproken (Speaking of Colour), in which makers of colour and white makers will discuss prejudices, blind spots and discrimination within the Dutch television and film industry.

During the evening there will be plenty of room for input from the audience. Make your voice heard and join the debate on how we can build an inclusive AV sector together.

In partnership with KLEUR.

Language: Dutch, English
- Heather Basten (Casting director)
- Hui-Hui Pan (Pan Asian Collective)
- Manoushka Zeegelaar Breeveld (KLEUR)
- Roshan Tewarie (Head of Fiction, NPO)
- Susanne Groen (Groen Casting)

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