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The NFF Conference took place on Friday, September 28th. Below you will find a description of the programme and a photo report. Do you have a substantive contribution to the Conference or other program components? Please fill out the comment form.


NFF Conference 2018

The Nederlands Film Festival will present the NFF Conference Friday 28 September at Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, during which national and international speakers will discuss the current state of affairs across the Dutch AV landscape. Important guidance of this day is the advice of the Council for Culture of March 2018, the reaction of the Minister to the recommendation to the House of Representatives, dated 2 July 2018 and subsequent reactions and developments in the industry. Aim of the NFF Conference is to increase the quality, visibility and accessibility of Dutch productions. Now and in the future.

The NFF Conference invites speakers from Facebook, Curzon, Netflix, NPO, OCW, the Netherlands Film Fund and Flemish Audiovisual Film Fund, as well as international experts such as Rumle Hammerich, director of The Bridge, Flemish producer Tomas Leyers and Liz Rosenthal, digital film & media pioneer and founder of Power to the Pixel.

9: 30-11: 30


Plenary 9: 30-11: 30 – DE Zaal

The NFF Conference starts with an all-encompassing program for the entire Dutch AV industry, in which the visibility of Dutch productions and their transition from linear to online television is discussed moderated by Nadia Moussaid.

Speakers include (among others) Erwin Provoost (Director of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund), Janneke Slöetjes (Director of European Public Policy, Netflix), Alexandra Lebret (Director European Producers Club), Doreen Boonekamp (Director of the Netherlands Film Fund), Eefje Blankevoort (director of Storytelling Agency Prospektor), Frans Klein (NPO) and Markus Sterky (Content Strategist of Sveriges Television and chairman of the EBU TV-committee).

Parallel sessions 11:40 – 12:30 

  • Play Money 

    How alternative forms of investment within the Dutch creative sector create new forms of stories and games.

    With, among others: Tijmen Tio & Tom van Boogaart (Sokpop), Herdjie Zhou (Lucky Kat Studios), Roel Ezendam (RageSquid). Moderated by Adriaan de Jongh (Hidden Folks, 2017).

  • Multiplatform distribution and audience reach 

    In times of changing media consumption, which innovative methods ensure successful distribution and audience reach?

    With, among others: Philip Mordecai (Curzon UK), Joanna Solecka of Alphapanda (Poland), Elisabeth Sjaastad (Nettkino, Norway), Anke van Diejen en Noortje van de Sanden (Picl). Moderated by Wendy Bernfeld (Rights Stuff, The Netherlands/Canada).

  • Presentations 

    During these sessions, several important players from the Dutch film and television landscape will have their say. For example, Suzanne Kunzeler (NPO Genre Coordinator, Drama) presents the new NPO drama policy within an interview setting, and Johan Oomen (Head of Knowledge and Innovation at Sound and Vision) will present an inspiring case study in which Sound and Vision joined forces with public broadcasting and university life.

Parallel sessies 12.30 – 13:30

  • The End of Transmedia?

    Discussing and assessing new ways of online story- telling . What works and what doesn’t?

    With, among others: Liz Rosenthal (Power to the Pixel), Caspar Sonnen (Head of New Media IDFA), Polina Medvedeva (maker/Sandberg Institute). Moderated by Martijn de Waal (University of Amsterdam).

  • Freedom vs. restrictions

    Is there still room for experiment? A session about creative collaborations that shed new light on the importance of artistic development.

    With, among others: Rumle Hammerich (director of Headhunter, The Bridge and Borgen, former Head of Drama DR, Denmark), Mieke Bernink (Head of Department of Film, Dutch Film Academy), Tomas Leyers (Producer at Minds Meet, Belgium). Moderated by Michiel de Rooij.



14:00 – 17:30

Parallel sessions 14:30 – 15:30

  • Mainstream releases (Dutch spoken)

    Session in cooperation with Film Distributors Netherlands (FDN) on new strategies that can improve
    audience attendances of Dutch cinematic releases.

    With, among others: Maarten Swart (Kaap Holland Film) en René van Turnhout(Dutch Film Works). Moderated by Ruurd Bierman.

  • The anti-cliché story

    In collaboration with VERS, the association for new film and television makers, we take a close look at film clichés in Dutch drama. How can we improve the representation of diversity, gender and sexuality and at the same time train ourselves to write characters and films in an innovative way?

    With, among others: Sharif Abdel Mawla, Sia Hermanides, Alieke van Saarloos.

Parallel sessions 15:45 – 17:30

  • Film: is there something to learn? 

    Meeting in collaboration with Eye Film Museum about the importance of film education and storytelling. The foundation for this is good cooperation within the sector.

    With, among others: Boudewijn Koole, Iris Verhoeven (JEF jeugdfilm), Florine Wiebenga (Eye Filmmuseum), Pien Houthoff (LUX Nijmegen), Jos Bonouvrie (In The Air), Ester Hendriksen (Filmhuis Den Haag), Sabine Veenendaal (Submarine), Vera Hageman (S.G. de Rietlanden), Martin van Geffen (Filmservice) and Meike Statema (IDFA). Moderator: Jordi Wijnalda.

  • Tech Talks & Impact

    Tech Talks by Facebook, the Impact Academy and Google/YouTube.

    With: Lisa Rousseau (Head of Movie Content Partnerships, EMEA, YouTube en Google Play), Bernadette Kuiper (Impact Academy) and Jens-Uwe Bornemann (Director of Facebook Media Partnerships Central Europe).

Parallel sessions 14:30 – 17:15

  • NFF Expert Meeting (private)

    Under the guidance of Evelyn Austin (advisor Creative Industries Fund, Bits of Freedom and The Hmm) makers, fund chiefs and policy makers break down and analyse the points raised from the morning program. The conclusions will be presented to all conference participants at the end of the day and will result in a document that is sent to OCW, and which can serve as a discussion future document for policy makers and stakeholders. The Netherlands Film Festival is keen to contribute to the future orientation of, and improvements within,  the Dutch AV industry.

  • The Screenplay & the colleagues

    Turning the screenplay into gold dust via its interpretation by associated professionals, such as actors, directors, producers and other personnel dedicated to turning words into images.

    With: Elizabeth E. Schuch, Stienette Bosklopper, Marjolein Beumer, Jolein Laarman, Ashar Medina, Hetty de Kruijf, Robert van der Hoop, Aziz al-Dilaimi, Jaap Peter Enderlé and Jenny Mijnhijmer.

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