Opening NFF Interactive Expo

On Friday 27 September, the NFF opens its Interactive Expo 2019 at two locations. Both at IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture and the Academiegalerie, the ten competitors for the Golden Calf for Best Interactive 2019 can be watched, played and experienced for the whole festival week.

An expert jury selected the interactive media productions from the rich crop of virtual reality games and films, installations and multimedia productions. Some productions use techniques like VR and XR, others are interactive graphic novels, brain scan readers, smartphone performances or web, app and YouTube documentaries or fictions. So, you can watch evocative and gripping stories distinguishing relevance and impact, technology and narrative innovation, artistry and authorship.
The work Sacred Hill by Ali Eslami, Klasien van de Zandschulp and Mamali Shafahi is a VR installation and performance commissioned by the NFF and Het Nieuwe Instituut, examining our humanity in virtual realities.

Celebrate this opening along with the artists at IMPAKT and conclude the event at the Academiegalerie with drinks and refreshments.


Opening NFF Interactive Expo

IMPAKT en AG Fri 27 Sep 16:00 - 18:00