NFF Interactive Gouden Kalf Avond

Ten selected projects, ranging from masterly samples of web design and narrative experiments to virtual documentaries and animated web comics. The candidates are not made for the big silver screen, but this evening they are presented on one. In ten minutes, the selected creators explain to the audience and to moderator Dan Hassler-Forest what their projects are made of, and what was involved in realising them.

As the evening’s finale, the three nominees for the 2019 Golden Calf for Best Interactive are announced by the chairman of the expert jury.

Has this live screening piqued your curiosity? Go and watch, act out, play or experience the projects. Free of charge, for the duration of the festival, at the NFF Interactive Expo in AG, Space for new art and media (Minrebroederstraat 16) and IMPAKT, centre for media culture (Lange Nieuwstraat 4).



NFF Interactive Gouden Kalf Avond

Festivalhart: Winkel van Sinkel Mon 30 Sep 21:00 - 23:00