NFF Filmfeest

Hear all, see all, dance and pull out all the stops! A smashing triple billfeaturing swinging home-grown soundtracks, brimming with electro-hip hop and with HUEGO in da house.

The Amsterdam-based hip hop trio FATA BOOM consists of a seriously mysterious singer, a gender-neutral rapper and a musical jack-of-all-trades. Together, this eccentric group, now labelled in the same category as Die Antwoord and De Likt, performs trippy electro hip hop.

DJ duo Manic No Learn (Carlien Peijsel and Manon Boertien) from Utrecht liven things up with fat basses, groovy hip hop and solid acid.

Wrapping things up, HUEGO, film journalist (and an NFF fixture) reveals himself in the wee hours as a musical explorer between club and avant-garde. Energetic dance music from Chicago set to 160 beats per minute: if that isn’t a happy ending...



NFF Filmfeest

Festivalhart: Winkel van Sinkel Sat 28 Sep 23:00 - 04:00 15,00