NFF Conferentie: de Futurotheek

Since last year, artist Sander Veenhof and developer Leonieke Verhoog have been working on De Futurotheek ('The Futurotheque'), asking the question: do we control our mobile devices, or do they control us?

De Futurotheek is an interactive installation for one visitor at a time. Through conversations with scientists, educational workshops and a set of Instagram filters, it explores questions about control and agency in relation to the technologies we use every day, and which are therefore inextricably linked with our lives and the way we function. During this NFF Conference session, the artists and scientists will explain both the research process behind De Futurotheekand the next steps to be taken.

De Futurotheek can be experienced at the NFF Interactive Expo at Post Utrecht from Friday 25 September to Friday 2 October.

With: Sander Veenhof (artist), Ian Forrester (BBC Research developer), Rinie van Est (The Rathenau Institute) & Nanna Verhoeff (Professor of Screen Cultures & Society).
Moderator: Leonieke Verhoog (developer)

Language: Dutch and English

This event is part of the NFF Conference: Life As We Know It.

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NFF Conferentie: de Futurotheek

Online Professionals Online - Conferentie Tue 29 Sep 12:00 - 13:00