Het scenario & de collega's

This year, too, the NFF and the Dutch Screenwriters’ Network present a meeting revolving around the scenario. And this year the floor is for the screenwriters’ colleagues. Writers lay the foundation, but can also learn a lot from actors, directors, producers and others who convert their words into images. 

During this varied and inspiring afternoon, professionals are introduced who have won their spurs in other disciplines, but are now also successful scriptwriters. Plus, there is a meeting with creators who visualise the words in scenarios, at different stages of the shooting process. 

The programme:
* Storyboard artist Elizabeth E. Schuch (e.g. Wonder Woman) about visual storytelling. 

* A debate between colleagues from other disciplines who also write scripts, including Stienette Bosklopper (producer at Circe Films, screenplay Cobain), actress Marjolein Beumer (script Soof 1 & 2) and former production designer Jolein Laarman (scenario Kauwboy, Verdwijnen).

* The Anatomy of a Scene: screenwriter Ashar Medina talks about the origin of one moment from his scenario for the movie Jungle. Director Hetty de Kruijf, production designer Robert van der Hoop and DoP Aziz al-Dilaimi explain how they shot this scene. - Three inspiring short films in which screenwriters meet the colleagues who visualised their work.

* The presentation of the Visser-Neerlandia award for Best Screenplay. This prize for a script under development is awarded annually by the Algemeen Nederlands Verbond (ANV). 

The hosts on this day are Jaap Peter Enderlé and Jenny Mijnhijmer. The director is Pepijn Moors.    

Language: Dutch and English
Tickets: €19,50
Students: €12,50