Middag van het Scenario: Het Proces

How does working on your own idea differ from working on an assignment? How do you deal with criticism? And what is it like to be part of whole team of writers? In collaboration with the NFF, the Screenwriter Network comes with a divers programme for writers.

How do you guide a writer? Or how do you give depth to your characters? Renowned screenwriters talk about the process. We take a moment to talk about the love for the profession and the stepping stones that we have to undertake. The writers of SpangaS guide us through their process. How does the rewriting of each other's texts work in such a shared process? Take the afternoon to share thoughts with colleagues and other professionals.

Language: Dutch


Scenario - het proces

Stadsschouwburg - DE Zaal Sat 28 Sep 14:00 - 17:00 19,50

A session about the process of writing a script
Language: Dutch