Jan Harlan: Music as a Scripting Tool

He was Stanley Kubrick’s regular producer since Barry Lyndon and worked with Steven Spielberg, to give one example: Jan Harlan. In this inspiring talk, Harlan combines his narrative skills with his love of (film) music. Many people still consider music just one part of the post-production, but Harlan demonstrates how a soundtrack can determine the structure of an entire movie.

Music was instrumental in Jan Harlan’s entrance in the world of cinema. In 1968, his brother-in-law Stanley Kubrick asked if he could help select the music for his movie about Napoleon. The film was never realised, but their collaboration persevered. As did their joint passion for leading music in cinema. As an advocate of the power of a score, Harlan will talk about a topic he thinks is often ignored at movie academies; music in film. Illustrated by numerous examples, he will show how music can replace narrative and explanation. He will dwell on movie rights and other legal matters. And how does a fledgling filmmaker compose a world-class score on a small budget?

The German-American Jan Harlan is the son of two opera singers. Owing to his fifty-year experience in cinema, he is a regular guest lecturer at The European Film College in Denmark. Harlan was one of the producers of The Shining and directed a documentary on Stanley Kubrick’s life: Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures.   

This talk has been organised by Shortcutz Amsterdam (Labz) and NFF and is sponsored by Buma Cultuur / Buma Music in Motion.

Language: English
Tickets: €19,50
Students: €12,50