Kort: Een vreemde natuur


Kort: Een vreemde natuur

Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 2 Tue 1 Oct 22:30 - 23:56 11,00


Ultrakort - Human Nature

If you reverse the roles of humans and animals, you end up in a world where animals take their pet humans to the human vet. And you realise how oddly we treat animals.

Duration: 2min
Director(s): Sverre Fredriksen
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The Walking Fish

An ambitious amphibian wants to discover the world of humans. Her desire is so strong that she transforms into a human. But even as a young woman, she keeps striving for more. Will she ever be satisfied?

Duration: 19min
Director(s): Thessa Meijer
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The Burden

As if the first encounter with your boyfriend’s family is not nerve-wracking enough, the parental home seems to be haunted to boot. Ciska does not get a wink of sleep and decides to take a look in the attic.

Duration: 17min
Director(s): Nico van den Brink
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A grumpy, egocentric, irascible father misbehaves during a holiday weekend in South Limburg, making both his family and the environment turn against him.

Duration: 12min
Director(s): Jan Verdijk
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In a cuckoo clock, a lonely man is living who is launched from his little house every hour to ‘çuckoo’ exactly in time. Until he is faced with an unexpected dilemma in this bizarre comedy.

Duration: 8min
Director(s): J├Ârgen Scholtens
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Downward Facing Dogs

When Mara hastily enters her yoga class, she tries to find her zen, only to find out her zen is at the end of letting out all her frustrations.

Duration: 12min
Director(s): Karsten de Vreugd
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