Internationale NCE-Masterclass Montage: Lee Smith, ACE

The 9th International NCE Editing Masterclass this year welcomes Lee Smith, ACE, Smith is particularly known as Christopher Nolan’s regular editor and won an Oscar for his editing of Dunkirk. Incorporating fragments from his most famous projects, Smith talks about his work. Moderated by Dutch editor Job ter Burg 

Born in Australia, Lee edited all of Nolan’s movies since Batman Begins (besides Dunkirk and the Batman trilogy, The Prestige, Interstellar and Inception), but also recent blockbusters such as the James Bond movie Spectre and DC Comics’ X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Moreover, Lee often cooperates with compatriot Peter Weir, with whom he made box-office hits like The Truman Show and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. Remarkably, he switched to editing only later in his career. Before that, he also frequently worked with big names, including New-Zealand-born Jane Campion (The Piano, The Portrait of a Lady, Holy Smoke), but in his capacity as sound designer. So, plenty to talk about with this VIP, who is currently working on Sam Mendes latest film. 

This masterclass is organised by our partner, the Netherlands Association of Cinema Editors (NCE).

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Internationale NCE-masterclass Montage

Stadsschouwburg - Blauwe Zaal Sat 28 Sep 13:30 - 17:00

Masterclass with the editor of Christopher Nolan: Lee Smith, ACE, organized by the Nederlandse vereniging van Cinema-Editors (NCE)
Language: English