Interactive Narrative Design Think Tank

What does it mean to be a narrative designer? In what ways does the digital landscape offer creators the chance to involve the audience in their productions? On the basis of examples, from the game Heavy Rain and the prize-winning interactive documentary The Industry (VPRO) to Netflix’ interactive episode of the popular series Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, this Interactive Narrative Design Think Tank brings together professionals, teachers and researchers. Topics discussed include ways to further develop the growing field of narrative designers and the different ways designers can join forces.

Questions raised during the Interactive Narrative Design Think Tank include: Where are we with the training of new talent and how do we guarantee the continued development of professionals? How do we initiate new research, and are previous study results readily available? In these sessions, experts from various fields (from game design and AI, to education and digital media and TV) share their views and experiences. Starting point of the discussion is the proposition: Storytelling in the 21st century should better match other disciplines like animation and screenwriting. Through the required mutual recognition, growth and professionalization, the narrative design field can broaden its perspective.

The event is moderated by Hartmut Koenitz, Professor of Interactive Narrative Design at the HKU.

- Michael Bas (Mede-oprichter &Ranj, pionier interactieve ervaringen voor grote, commerciële klanten)
- Geert-Jan Strengholt (Hoofd van VPRO Medialab, experimenteert met interactieve vormen van niet-fictieve narratieven)
- Roy van der Schilden (Game designer, mede-oprichter gamestudio Wispfire)
- Mirjam Palosaari Eladhari (HEVGA, Södertörn University, Sweden. Game designer, informaticus, ontwikkelaar van kunstmatige intelligentie)

Language: English 


Interactive Narrative Design Think Tank

Stadsschouwburg - Hekmanfoyer Sun 29 Sep 20:00 - 22:00 8,00

A meeting about the world of Narrative Design and how to expand. 
Language: English