For the Record: Designing Realities

In association with For the Record (Het Nieuwe Instituut), on the evening of Saturday 28 September the theme is contemporary video culture as a public platform for cultural activism and empowerment. Illustrated by recent videos of, for example, Janelle Monáe, participants discuss the role of set and fashion design in shaping world views.

For this event, the Hekman Foyer has been converted into a studio, and the evening will be registered. Eventually, a music video-like report will be made, illustrating the main topics and reactions from the audience and moderator with the videos discussed.

Taking public programmes and video productions, For the Record: Designing Realities examines the technologies, spatial design strategies and forms of representation in video culture.

Speakers include:
- Romke Faber; production designer inspired by the world-building process.
- Dan Hassler-Forest; background in Film and TV studies, publicist and Assistant Professor of Cultural Theory at Utrecht University.
- Emma Westenberg; Golden Calf-nominated director, one of whose music videos was for Janelle Monáe’s Pynk.

Moderator is Shay Kreuger (radio DJ and reporter)

Language: English



For the Record: Designing Realities

Stadsschouwburg - Hekmanfoyer Sat 28 Sep 19:00 - 21:00 8,00

Modern videoculture as a public space for cultural activism and empancipation
Language: English 




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