NFF Conferentie Ochtend

The Nederlands Film Festival will present the NFF Conference Friday 28 September during which national and international speakers will discuss the current state of affairs across the Dutch AV landscape. Important guidance of this day is theadvice of the Council for Culture of March 2018, the reaction of the Minister tothe recommendation to the House of Representatives, dated 2 July 2018 and subsequent reactions and developments in the industry.

Morning program
* Plenary program
The NFF Conference starts with a plenary program for the entire Dutch AV industry, where the visibility of Dutch productions and the transition of broadcasters from linear to online is discussed under moderation of Nadia Moussaid.

Following are several parallel sessions, including:
* Play money
How alternative forms of investment within the Dutch creative sector create new forms of stories and games.
* Multi-platform distribution and audience reach
Which innovative methods ensure successful distribution and audience reach?
* The End of Transmedia?
Discussing and assessing new ways of online storytelling. What works and what does not?
* Freedom versus restrictions
Is there still room for experiment? A session that takes a closer look at different ways of approaching creative collaborations.

The NFF Conference ends with a wrap-up of the day, followed by a pleasant drink for all guests.

Read here about the complete day programme: The complete list of speakers can be found here.
* Read here the afternoon programme :


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Note: with a Professionals badge you can order a ticket free of charge for the NFF Conference. You have to order two separate tickets; one for the morning and one for the afternoon.

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