Bring Your Own Beamer

The visual spectacle Bring Your Own Beamer is a fixture at the NFF. The event is organised by the HKU and for the second year running the venue is the Nicolaï Church.

Here, on Saturday 28 September, lights go out and projectors are switched on for the largest one-night exhibition in the Netherlands. More than eighty artists and filmmakers use their own equipment to beam their works, for one night, on walls, ceilings, floors, canvasses, (stained-glass) windows and visitors, with accompanying sounds, interactive installations and performances. The original idea – copied worldwide by now - was conceived by artist Rafaël Rozendaal, who will personally attend the event.

Bring Your Own Beamer has free entrance.
Address: Nicolaaskerkhof 8, Utrecht.


Bring Your Own Beamer

Nicolaïkerk Sat 28 Sep 19:30 - 00:00

Lights out, beamers on for the largest one-night-exhibition in the Netherlands, organised by the HKU. More than 80 artists and creators beam their works on the walls, ceilings, canvasses and windows of the Nicolaï Church. Free admission.