Animatiefilms 2


Animatiefilms 2

Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 1 Mon 30 Sep 22:00 - 23:48 11,00


Bitter Sweet Morning

Short animation about a fatigued mother and her little daughter. The latter is up and about early on a Sunday, because the plan was to have breakfast at the baker’s. But when they go there, they run into someone.

Duration: 5min
Director(s): Tyka Beumers
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Q&A - Bitter Sweet Morning


Second Floor

Every man will once die, but everyone has different ideas about it. Inspired by poetry, songs and conversations, this animation tries to visualise these feelings and break the taboo.

Duration: 5min
Director(s): Dymphie Huijssen
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Coffee Time

Short animation about a day in the lives of typical coffee drinkers, each sipping his or her brew in individual ways. But sometimes a perfectly normal cup of coffee has a surprise twist in store.

Duration: 3min
Director(s): Evelyne du Bois
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Q&A - Coffee Time


PolarBarry – Let’s Break the Ice!! – Vlog #207

Short animated documentary featuring influencer and online personality PolarBarry. In his vlogs, this naughty polar bear and internet sensation introduces the climate discussion to his followers.

Duration: 5min
Director(s): Wouter Dijkstra
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Q&A - PolarBarry - Let's Break the Ice!! - Vlog #207


Ghost Tape Number 9

A cry of distress. Then: an animated study of movement. A bathing suit, deer, a gymnast, a creepy clown. Everything is transforming.

Duration: 3min
Director(s): Maria Kozlitina
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Short animation about a girl who makes a trip across a smog-filled town to deliver a package to her father. This is her first encounter with the grown-up outside world.

Duration: 4min
Director(s): Iris van Hassel
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The End

Animation about a cowboy who, after relieving a town, rides into the empty desert. What follows after The End, when the hero has finished his business and disappears behind the horizon?

Duration: 5min
Director(s): Wiebe Bonnema
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Ultrakort - Cycle

Short but strong animation: a rounded story about a girl who is taught by her grandpa to ride her bicycle anddiscovers that where the road ends real adventure begins. 

Duration: 2min
Director(s): Sophie Olga de Jong, Sytske Kok
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Sleekly designed animation in which a man hatches sinister plans for the future and for himself. He chooses a village church by the sea for a ritual that unleashes hidden powers.

Duration: 6min
Director(s): Wilbert van Veldhuizen
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Does everything you throw into the ocean eventually come back to you? In this sensitive animated short, the ashes an elderly woman scatters by the sea return to her in quite a different form.

Duration: 2min
Director(s): Ben Brand
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Duration: 7min
Director(s): Tess Martin
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Q&A - Orbit


Ultrakort - Human Nature

If you reverse the roles of humans and animals, you end up in a world where animals take their pet humans to the human vet. And you realise how oddly we treat animals.

Duration: 2min
Director(s): Sverre Fredriksen
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Q&A - Ultrakort - Human Nature



Duration: 14min
Director(s): Adriaan Lokman
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