Je gaat zien, broer!

Donna Risa Short film - 2018 - 33 min.

NFF Archive

Informatie over deze film, televisie- of interactieve productie bevindt zich in het NFF Archief. In het NFF Archief staat informatie over producties die in de afgelopen festivaledities vertoond zijn. Het NFF beschikt niet over dit materiaal, daarover kun je contact opnemen met de producent, distributeur of omroep. Oudere films zijn soms ook terug te vinden bij Eye Filmmuseum of bij het Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld & Geluid.

Soufian, Malik, Greg, Marcellino and Yasin dream of a life full of fame, fortune and everything that goes with it. They are young, confident and well on their way to success. But gradually they realise it is not always easy to reach the top as a rapper, a boxing champion or a manager. They will have to make some decisions. Who do they stay faithful to? Their family, their music, or each other? In this drama, each of the boys is facing his personal dilemmas that will determine their future lives. If they do not choose, life will sooner or later force a decision for them. N.B.: this movie was made by youngsters from Cultuurhuis Kanaleneiland themselves.