In de zomer

Ilia ten Böhmer Short film - 2018 - 18 min.

NFF Archive

Informatie over deze film, televisie- of interactieve productie bevindt zich in het NFF Archief. In het NFF Archief staat informatie over producties die in de afgelopen festivaledities vertoond zijn. Het NFF beschikt niet over dit materiaal, daarover kun je contact opnemen met de producent, distributeur of omroep. Oudere films zijn soms ook terug te vinden bij Eye Filmmuseum of bij het Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld & Geluid.

How can you qualify first for your father’s affection? By being as obedient and as faithful to tradition as possible? Or by living completely unconventionally and untouched? The Turkish sisters Meral and Elif lead these contrasting ways of life, which causes tension when they help their dad move to Turkey. The memories merge with the present, in which their father is no longer among them. Can the two highly different women learn to appreciate each other again when sharing a loss?


Director(s) Ilia ten Böhmer
Script Ebru Akyildiz
Producer(s) Raymond van der Kaaij
Production Company
Co-production Company
Director of Photography
Production Design
Costume Design
Sound Design
Sound on Set
Production Country
Netherlands, Croatia