Bálint Kenyeres Feature film - 2018 - 119 min.

NFF Archive

Informatie over deze film, televisie- of interactieve productie bevindt zich in het NFF Archief. In het NFF Archief staat informatie over producties die in de afgelopen festivaledities vertoond zijn. Het NFF beschikt niet over dit materiaal, daarover kun je contact opnemen met de producent, distributeur of omroep. Oudere films zijn soms ook terug te vinden bij Eye Filmmuseum of bij het Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld & Geluid.

Project developer Victor Ganz owns a thriving civil engineering company that operates worldwide. Due to big problems on a building site in North Africa, he is forced one day to travel to the capital of the country where deeply buried childhood memories catch him unawares. He is plunged into a labyrinthine world, where past and present intertwine. His orderly and comfortable life, with his family at the centre, is thoroughly shaken in this drama. 

The NFF annually spotlights several international co-productions that were realised with a substantial contribution by Dutch professionals: from actors to producers and from sound designers to composers. In most cases, the NFF screens these films for the first time in the Netherlands, after they had their world premières at prestigious festivals such as Locarno, Toronto and Sundance. In Q&As, the Dutch professionals will elaborate on their expertise. Tegnap, Zie mij doen, Holiday and Bloeistraat 11 have their Dutch premières at the NFF. Engel, Patser and Taxi Stories are the other titles in this section.   


Director(s) Bálint Kenyeres
Producer(s) Andrea Taschler
Production Company
Co-production Company
Rotterdam Films
One Two Films GmbH
La Prod
Les Films de l’Après-midi
Film i Väst
Director of Photography
Production Design
Costume Design
Sound Design
Sound on Set
Production Country
Hungary, Netherlands, France, Germany, Morocco, Sweden