EPTAS - Buitenspel

Dorothée Meddens Short documentary - 2005 - 12 min.

NFF Archive

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In a flash, we see and hear how the referee blows the whistle on Feyenoord striker Dirk Kuijt for offside. One of the people on the stands is Arjan Erkel, who tells in the voice-over how he was brutally kidnapped in the region where he was stationed as a relief worker. Here and now, in the sun-drenched soccer stadium De Kuip, that event is very distant physically, but still very fresh in the victim's mind. Alternated with images of a line marker making the lines on the pitch, Erkel tells about the despair he fell victim to during his abduction; how he tried to establish a relationship with his kidnappers; explained them why Bin-Laden was not a hero to him; that they could kidnap him physically, but his thoughts remained free; how he set end dates, which were unfounded, but gave him something to hold on to. 'I'm always counting down,' he comments while watching the game. Then, we see Erkel arriving at Schiphol Airport: 'Unfortunately, Feyenoord scored a draw,' he says. 'Yes, I'm just extremely happy.'


Director(s) Dorothée Meddens
Producer(s) Hans Mulder
André Bos
Production Company Armadillo Film
Director of Photography
Jeffrey de Regt
Aage Hollander
Sound Design
Sound on Set
Jillis Molenaar
Tom Bijnen
Production Country