De nieuwe Lola's - Armando

Marco Knijnenburg Television drama - 2004 - 50 min.

NFF Archive

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'This reality has never brought me anything', the unworldly Armando says to his parents. But if he ever wants to escape the tedious routines of his life, he will have to take action. Being a hairdresser on the payroll, he dreams of having his own business. For years, he wanted to start his own beauty parlour and dog trimming salon, which for as many years no bank wants to invest any money in. Along with a customer, he concocts - at least, the customer concocts and he follows - a way to con the tax authorities to obtain the required starting capital, but the sad result is that in this operation his dog and only friend Rocky loses his life. When he is burying the dog in the park at night, he finds a kidnapped woman that he takes home with him. He 'saved' her, and she invents a way for him to get the money.


Director(s) Marco Knijnenburg
Producer(s) Reinier Selen
Edwin van Meurs
Production Company
Sharon Yosef
Director of Photography
Production Design
Ruben Schwartz
Robert van der Hoop
Sound on Set
TV Company
Production Country