Accreditation 2018

We cordially invite all AV-professionals to sign up for the NFF Professionalspas. With this all-in accreditation for € 120,- you can reserve tickets free of charge for all public events of the NFF Professionals Program and for all 250 regular NFF screenings and events.

If you have been offered an guest accreditation from the festival, the Professionalspas is for free. The routing to order your accreditation is the same.

  • Available for all film, television and interactive professionals.
  • Access to all public meetings of the NFF Professionals Program, including the master classes, seminars, lectures and the NFF Conference
  • Access to all over 250 NFF film screenings and events such as Blikverruimers evenings, the Forum of the Directors, etc.
  • When you have an accreditation, you can order your tickets first as of Thursday 30 August at 12:00 noon. Tickets for visitors without a Professionalpas start on Monday 3 September.
  • A discount of € 10 applies to public premieres. Pass holders only pay € 2.50 for a ticket including a drink.

This is how it works:
1. Purchase the Pass with your My NFF account via the button above.
2. Once the payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
3. When ordering tickets in the webshop, a € 0 rate will appear from 30 August, after order the ticket will be loaded on your pass.
4. At the start of the festival you pick up your pass at one of the guest counters.
5. The pass is scanned at the entrance of the room. Going to the cash register is therefore no longer necessary.
6. During the festival, you can also pick up tickets at the ticket office by showing your pass

Please note:
-If you have been offered an guest accreditation from the festival, the Professionalspas is for free. For questions, please consult: [email protected]
-The pass does not automatically give access to a venue. You will always have to order a free ticket for a film, event or meeting to enter.
-Meetings on registration or invitation are not part of this accreditation.
-For the events of the Professionals Programme a limited number of seats are available for pass holders. Order your tickets on time.
-The pass is strictly personal, the ordered free tickets are only valid for the pass holder. One ticket per display or event can be ordered per event.
-On 30 August, the entire Public and Professionals Programme will be announced exclusively for pass holders and ticket sales will start.


Order your NFF Professionalspas here