About NFF Competitions

During the Nederlands Film Festival, different Dutch movie awards are presented and the selected and nominated productions are screened. Apart from the recurring Golden Calf Competition, these include the Directors’ Forum, as well as the NFF Student Competition and NFF Debut Competition, both part of NFF Talent.

  • Golden Calf Competition

    The grand prizes of Dutch cinema, equivalents of the British BAFTAs, French Césars and German LOLAs.

  • The Directors’ Forum

    NFF’s competition for boundary-pushing cinema.

  • NFF Student Competiton

    For many graduating students from Dutch film and art academies, the NFF is the first opportunity to present their productions to a large audience.

  • NFF Debut Competition

    First-time directors in all genres are eligible for the NFF Debut Competition. The City of Utrecht supports this competition with the Film Prize of the City of Utrecht: a sculpture and a €7.500 cash prize.